10 Sep

Blogger So Dear– An eye-witness to the incident told Blogger So Dear that late Saturday night, Sousa was seen driving his vehicle onto the upper quad. He entered the quad by removing the black gate between the Kitchin and Poteat dormitories, before driving across the quad to the Subway located on campus. The eye-witness stated, “He was not driving recklessly, rather, he just coasted up on the sidewalk to the Subway and got out. It’s not like students were sprinting to get out of the way. Sousa was then chased down by several Wake Forest police officers, before being turned over to the Winston-Salem police.”

car quadkevin sousa

I used to live in the dorm where that Subway is. Davis Hall. Great little spot. If there’s one thing I know about the upper quad, it’s that there are no cars there. Maybe the occasional security vehicle but I don’t even think that. Before they had the specifics detailing exactly how Sousa got his SUV up there, I had to think for a minute because most of the ways to get up to that quad require stairs. Five out of six to be exact. So it had to be Poteat/Kitchin. Still not an easy task and very clearly frowned upon by the university so he had to be wasted. Like I know he got a DUI but I’m saying he was a lot more than blowing barely over .08. I’m guessing .25+. Either that or he’s dumb enough to think that he can A) not get caught or B) get away with it because he’s a backup QB on the worst team in the ACC.

What bothers me most about this is that that specific Subway has to be the worst one in America. I literally think they just shipped the leftover meat and vegetables from our shitty dining hall everyday to Subway. But it was open til 3 AM and they had a late night monopoly on campus so I probably ate about a football field’s worth of the world’s worst foot longs along with the entire rest of the student body. If this kid’s gonna drunk drive he needs to grow up and go all the way to Cookout where late at night you’re in the minority if you’re not at least drunk.

My theory is that this was a calculated move by a young man tired of playing second fiddle on a bottom-feeding football squad. Tired of there never being even close to enough parking on campus while the school sells more and more grossly over-priced parking passes each year to any and all comers. And then the parking tickets? Don’t even get us started on the parking tickets. Sousa was fed up and wanted to go out with a bang, so he did. A pre-meditated, hungry, drunken extravaganza. If my theory is close at all, I’m totally on board with this move. Go Deacs!

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