4 Sep

BleacherReport– Cleveland Browns wide receiver Josh Gordon will have to sit out the entire 2014 NFL season due to suspension, but the All-Pro pass-catcher won’t be out of work.

According to ESPN’s Josina Anderson, Gordon is going to serve as a goodwill ambassador for Sarchione Auto Group in Randolph, Ohio, during his banishment from the league.

Anderson also provided some details regarding the nature of Gordon’s work with Sarchione.

“He will be working in all aspects of their car business including as an on-floor salesman,” Anderson wrote. “Gordon will also be heading all of their local community efforts including with the Wounded Warriors Project. He starts this weekend.”



I guess this is a good idea. He’s barred from the Browns facility for the whole suspension — which is a pretty ridiculous NFL rule in itself — and had he not found something productive to do with his free time, he’d probably just be blazing nug strong all day errday. Pretty sure the boredom and stress he’ll undoubtedly deal with while selling cars will probably lead him down that rabbit hole regardless, but hey, at least he’s trying.

It’s just a logical progression really. 1) Failed attempt at appealing the suspension, 2) failed attempt at playing professionally in Canada, 3) sell cars.  And look at the Sarchione family. Who wouldn’t want to work for them??

sarchione family


I’d be willing to bet that Gordon takes down the blonde in the center before the Browns win a game this year.

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