29 Aug

Fred Couch, you grimy bastard, you’re the Scumbag of the Week.

fred couch

You may remember last winter’s “affluenza” case out of Fort Worth, Texas.  An intoxicated 16 year old killed 4 pedestrians and paralyzed another when he crashed his father’s truck into parked cars.  The bastard’s defense claimed he suffered from a psychological condition called “affluenza.” Essentially, they argued that shitty parenting had left him with a sense of entitlement that made it difficult for him to understand the consequences of his actions.  Seems ridiculous…

But, they may have been on to something.

Last week, the boy’s shitty father, Fred Couch, was arrested for impersonating a police officer. Adding to the stupidity of the crime, he wasn’t even a suspect to begin with, he just showed up to the scene of a “disturbance at a house” and told local police that he was an officer.  He flashed some fake credentials, including a badge, to on-duty police officers and must’ve figured he’d be gettin’ down to some police work.  It didn’t work out that way for him.

fake cop

People with a grip on reality do not do things like this.  And what the hell did he even stand to gain from it anyway?   He sounds like the kind of guy that participates in repeated unprotected anal sex with truck stop whores and is then genuinely shocked when he finds out he has AIDS.

A sense of entitlement (check). Difficulty understanding consequences (check). Sounds like Freddy has a touch of the “affluenza” too.    


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