26 Aug

CNN– Do airline passengers have the right to recline?

That simmering debate among fliers escalated Sunday aboard a United Airlines flight that was diverted after two passengers argued over the use of a device that blocks reclining.

A Knee Defender, a gadget that “helps you stop reclining seats on airplanes so your knees won’t have to,” was at the root of the disturbance.

The flight attendant told the man seated behind her to remove the Seat Defender device, but he declined. The female passenger then threw water in his face. The pilot decided to divert the flight to Chicago, where authorities met the aircraft.



courtesy card

This thing is so fuckin’ stupid I can’t get over it. You have to be the biggest asshole around to buy one of these, let alone think you can get away with using it. United Airlines (and most other airlines I’d assume) have a policy against the use of these things and the guy still doesn’t remove it. That’s really gonna work out in your favor, dude. Plus he’s already in the ‘Economy Plus’ section of the plane so he has extra legroom to begin with. Maybe it’s time to stop being such a pussy or step it up to first class. You’re forty fucking eight years old, buddy. Act your age.  Use your words.  Ask nicely.  If done politely, people will usually be nice enough to not recline and not make your entire flight miserable.  And if that doesn’t work, involve the flight attendants.  They’ll work something out.  You don’t show up with some nerdy fuckin’ little device and a ‘Knee Defender Courtesy Card’ that does the talking for you. At the minimum, that gets you water splashed in your face.  If I ran the airline, I’d take him in the back room, smash his knees with a lead pipe Tonya Harding style, and give him the lifetime ban.  Defend that bro.

I wish they made note of how tall he was. It’s no excuse even if he’s 8’10” but would just be interesting to know.  Mostly because if he’s under 6 feet tall, I’d hate him more than I already do which I’m not sure is even possible.

I need to witness an altercation like this on a plane at some point in my life.  It’d definitely suck to divert to some other airport but it would totally be worth it. Just thinking about them having to get off, talk to the authorities like 2 children at recess, and then hang out in the same terminal until they get on another flight together to their final destination is hilarious.

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