22 Aug

Tucker Blandford, congratulations!  You’ve been named the Sandusky Award Recipient  as the Scumbag of the Week!

tuckerThis is Tucker.  Look at him, that smug sociopathic smile.   

Apparently Tucker had cold feet about his upcoming wedding.  Understandable.  So he called his fiance, posing as his father, and told her his son had “thrown himself in front of a car” and was dead.  Not as understandable.  

Hey Tucker, it’s not the girls fault she’s a hard 5/soft 6. You’re the one that led her on with the “I love you’s” and the bullshit.  You created it, own it and end it like a man.  Don’t crush her to pieces once you decide to end your facade.  That’s psychotic.  And idiotic.

At least she’s not an idiot.  She eventually called his mother and, lo and behold, got the news ole Tucker was alive and well.

What were you thinking Tucker? She’d never seek out family members to send condolences? She’d never want to attend a wake or a funeral? She’d never notice the occasional Facebook activity? No, she’s not a scumbag like you, she would handle your death like any non socio-path would, with a little class.

Good luck finding a chick now.  Your below average face, sociopathic charm and internet popularity should bag you a winner!


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