18 Aug

WHOTV–  Police in Grinnell are investigating an attack on a teenager and the victim said it is part of the “knockout game”.

The 15-year-old victim said she was assault Monday afternoon while walking to the store along a trail. The victim said the two women punched her in the face and then fled.

That is similar to past incidents of the “knockout game” in other states where victims are picked at random and assaulted.

The victim did not know the two women and was only able to give a vague description to police.

She was treated at the hospital for minor injuries.



We’ve been hearing about it for more than 20 years now, “children are getting lazier, they’re heavier, they’re antisocial.”  “They spend all their time indoors playing video games and watching TV.”

Well, finally something to be optimistic about.   The youth are heading outdoors and the knockout game is leading the way.  Denise Bethune of the Iowa Department of Child Welfare had this to say:

This trend is important to the future of our youth.  We’ve been waiting for a game changer and this may be it.  We’ve seen a lot of kids put the TV remotes down, they’re spending time outside, stalking victims and discussing effective ways to knock people out.

Video game sales have declined over the past 4 months.   This coincides with an alarming increase in cases of mild traumatic brain injury amongst youth across the mid-west.  Pam Stallworth, a Des Moines, IA parent told 2KFRESH:

Brain injury is acceptable, fat children are not.  When Nick came home with torn up knuckles on his right hand we didn’t ask questions.  We knew.   We knew he knocked someone out.  He’s outside, he’s being active, we don’t want to discourage that.

Constant improvement, that’s the name of the game.  A Utopia, we will soon be.

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