10 Aug

Pretty sure the USPS is the worst organization in the history of mankind and every employee they’ve ever had is on suicide watch.  This video surfaced this past week of a postal worker just dumping loads of undelivered mail into a dumpster.  It goes without saying that this took place in Ohio.


I’m gonna go out on a limb and guess that this lady is unhappy with her life.  And it certainly just got a lot worse.  Good luck finding another job after “throws people’s mail in dumpsters” is tacked onto the resume.  

Not getting my mail actually wouldn’t bother me at all because nobody under 30 years old gets anything important in the mail.  It’s all bills, magazines, coupons and bullshit. Everything can be done online.  Can we please all go paperless?  Save the environment and the wasted tax dollars all while ridding our lives of these horrific psychopaths that come dangerously close to our homes.


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