30 Jul

Would you rather have your urethra glued shut or your asshole cemented shut?


Let’s break it down. We must first analyze the adhesives presented in this WYR: cement and glue. Could you imagine having cement stuck to your body? Never mind an area as vulnerable as your butthole. The amount that would be needed to plug off my gaping sphincter would undoubtedly be large and heavy. A wad of concrete smeared across my fun-hole would make simple movements like sitting, standing and walking almost impossible. Glue on the other hand has some give and the amount needed to plug a urethra is small. Because of this I must score 1 point for “gluing my urethra shut”.

The second, and perhaps most important thing to consider, is how bodily wastes will bypass these blockages. It’s a colostomy bag VS a catheter and I’m choosing catheter all day. Block my urethra and run a hose to my bladder, now I don’t even need to get up to take a piss! The colostomy bag is a fucked up concept. Shit running from my colon to a bag attached to my hip? No thanks, I smell like turd enough as it is already. Another point for the glued cock option.

Lastly, I must ask, have any of you ever “capped” your urethra with your thumb moments before ejaculation? Try it, it’s pure erotic bliss. Imagine a urethra glued shut all the time? I’d be snapping more carrots than Bugs Bunny. This is a no brainer, pass me the glue!

Glue gun isolated on a white background


Back the cement truck up!  Pour it right in my boy pussy guys!

Tricky WYR this week.  Realistically, both of these options would cause crucial health problems very fast.  So I’m looking at this WYR as a how much time before I die scenario.  If you didn’t piss, even for 24 hours, you would start feeling some astronomical piss angst.  I’m no doctor, but I would guess if your cock chute is truly sealed off with glue, you’re in trouble within the first day.  Your bladder will probably explode on you sometime during the 2nd day and the end will be near.  Fuck that.  If I’m gonna die, I need at least a week or so to go on a sex tour in Prague and say my goodbyes to friends and loved ones.

I feel like sealing the asshole off, while awful for your health, will buy you the most time of these two options.  My intuition says you could probably last about 10 days without taking a dump before things get dicey.  I imagine at some point in my life I’ve gone 3 or 4 days without taking a shit.  Big deal, I survived.  On the contrary, there is no way I’ve ever gone more than 24 hours without pissing.  Pissing feels so good that it must be very important.  As I’ve grown older, I sometimes let out moans of pure relief when having a great piss.

Also, given the extra survival time of sealing the ass shut, maybe, just maybe, a little fart could sneak out the side of my asshole and buy me some more time on earth.


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