29 Jul

As I was watching UFC on FOX 12 last Saturday, I noticed something interesting.  In his main event bout vs Robbie Lawler.  UFC fighter Matt Brown had a logo for a company named “DUDE WIPES” on the back of his trunks.  Now I normally pay very little attention to ads on fighters shorts, but this one piqued my interest so I felt compelled to find out more about the company.


After a quick search, my suspicions were confirmed.  Dude wipes are an ass wiping product for men.  Also, it can be used for hands, armpits, and other “dude regions” according to the website.  Matt Brown wasn’t the first UFC fighter to rock their logo.  They have sponsored several other MMA fighters in the past which is impressive because the real estate on the back of a fighters trunks can cost a company upwards of $5000-$10,000.  Dude Wipes is for real, but will they succeed in the challenging market of butthole maintenance?  While I think it’s a cool idea and wet wipes are definitely a step-up from regular old toilet paper, I don’t think Dude Wipes will survive.  Men are a tough sell.  We want simplicity and efficiency.  Dude Wipes seem cool, novel and luxurious, but they ain’t necessary and that’s their downfall.  Showering and strong butt-wiping technique is enough to “get the job done” so to speak.  As long as nobody can smell my ass when I’m in public, I’m winning the battle.  Sorry Dude Wipes, you’re just a little too early to the market.  You may flourish in niche markets such as gay porn shoots and elderly housing changing tables but for the masses it’s showering and toilet paper reigning supreme.






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