25 Jul

Stephen A. Smith and Skip Bayless of First Take continued to talk about the Ray Rice controversy this morning.  Smith, who stated that women also must play a role in reducing domestic violence by not provoking men, is under absolute social media hellfire.  Watch below.

Smith is getting absolutely torched here. But I mean come on, we all know domestic violence is a touchy subject.  It’s pretty clear that Smith’s advice is in the interest of women’s safety.  Part of the problem with his take was the pussyness in the delivery.  If you’re dancing on egg shells the whole time, people are going to start to smell blood.  Smith never took a hard stance and because of this comes off as a possible sexist.  That’s enough for a solid 3-day flaming on the internet these days.  I think if “that fucker” could do it over it should have been something more like this.

“Alright everyone, listen up.  Especially you Skip Bayless, you squirrelly little dick weasel.  Men rule the world, and women rule men.  Thusly, women rule the world.  We must do everything in our power to protect these beautiful creatures for they are the light that illuminates this world.  Strategies must be explored for women to employ to avoid these heinous situations with monsters like Ray Rice.”

Short and sweet.  Boom.  Hire me for your PR firm.  Nevermind.  You can’t afford me.

Lesson learned.  Don’t back down or dance around your opinions.

Fuck you Skip Bayless.

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