21 Jul

So I’m assuming this was at the same tournament that Roenick was caught flipping the bird at.  Can’t really blame TJ for missing the first one and not gonna lie, I’ve missed plenty from that second distance too.  Not to mention I’d probably be shitting myself on national TV.  But he’s an Olympic-level professional athlete so that shouldn’t be an issue.  It’s the third attempt that is just simply laughable.


“Oh, no, no, no.”  Spot-on commentating.  Just love it.  Also love the look his caddie gives him and also how quickly Oshie scoops the ball out of the hole and skip-jogs outta there.  At least it wasn’t on the first hole at the British Open…


Oh Ernie.  He hit his tee-shot into the gallery and it hit some dude in the face and left him all bloodied up. Els didn’t quite live up to his nickname, “The Big Easy,” afterwards though, because the thought of it was clearly mind-fucking him on the green.  Just knockin’ the ball around like a girl playing mini-golf.

And while we’re on the subject of golf, congrats to Rory McIlroy, and more importantly, his father (and friends), for the win at Royal Liverpool.  For those that don’t know, they put down $600 at 500-1 in 2004, betting that Rory would win the British within the next 10 years.  This was the final opportunity.  Cheers, ya degenerate Irishmen!  Enjoy the $300,000.

Final thought: TJ Oshie should just stick to doing things such as:

…and so on and so forth.


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