19 Jul

Earlier today, NBC cameras caught future hall of famer and absolute savage Jeremy Roenick giving the middle finger to someone off screen.  It came moments after he cooly sank a downhill 8 footer to save par in a charity golf event in Tahoe.

Watch the video on Deadspin because we have no idea how to imbed it when it’s not on YouTube.

It appears obvious the 18 year NHL vet is flipping the bird in jest, although we don’t know why. What’s most perplexing is how it found its way to national TV.  I thought they screened these things out? Anyway, NBC apologized for the faux pas soon after it was aired.

We don’t know who he was directing the gesture at but for their sake, let’s hope it was a goof because  this old stump is tougher then a knot.


That mouth has spent more time “in the crease” then Eddie Belfour!!

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