16 Jul


First Rousey, now this chick?  Is it just me or are women the new men when it comes to strength and athleticism? Major turn on.  Just totally gets the juices flowing when you know they could tear your dick off with one little kegel.

Her name is Kacy Cantazaro and she was a former NCAA Southeast Regional Gymnast of the Year at Towson.  First woman to ever complete this qualifying course.  She’ll now go to Las Vegas for the impossible Mt. Midoriyama course which nobody — male or female — has completed on the American version of the show.  I literally just signed up for the waiting list to be part of the live audience in early 2015.  I’m not even kidding.  I’ve seen this show before and been mildly entertained, but now I’m all-in.  Team Cantazaro for life.  

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