15 Jul

My suspicions have been confirmed, Comcast is scum.

My girlfriend and I subscribe to Comcast (internet only).  We choose not to pay for cable or phone because it’s too expensive and we simply don’t need it.  We receive basic cable, it provides essentials such as the news, Jeopardy, March Madness and the Patriots games. We supplement that with Netflix and Google Chromecast.  This approach has dampened the pain of their forceful sodomy.

comcast picmoney pic






Recently, however, we’ve noticed something strange, our internet connection was getting worse.  The web slowed and Netflix would stop to load more often.  

I’m convinced Comcast in manipulating our connections.  Around the time I noticed the connection problem the sales calls increased. They suddenly wanted to know if we were happy with our internet speed! “Are you happy with your cable and internet package? Would you like to upgrade to a faster internet speed?”.  NO!

My suspicions have lead to a growing disenchantment and occasional anger.  But yesterday, something extraordinary happened.  Something so despicable it prompted me to turn that anger into action.

A Comcast customer named Ryan Block posted audio of what should have been a simple phone call with Comcast customer service.  He was calling to disconnect his service but what he got instead was this maddening 8 minutes and 14 second phone call

This was the final straw.  After hearing this I cancelled my Comcast service.  I’d rather have Danny DeVito  drag his taint across my nose then pay these vultures.


How will I access the internet now? Two solutions, the unlimited data on my phone and the free town library.  I look forward to the change.

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