11 Jul

So this 17 year old Belgian girl was pretty much the face of the World Cup this year.

belgium girl

belgium girl 2

belgium girl 3

During Belgium’s matches, they showed her in the audience every 5 minutes.  And for good reason.  That’s about as close to a perfect face as you can get.  An unstoppable combination of innocence and sex appeal.  Those teeth?  those scars? My god.  I was actually at the group stage match between Belgium and Russia but unfortunately didn’t know about this chick til I got back to the States.  Had I known, I would’ve turned that stadium inside-out until I found her and made her mine.  Or got dragged out by security.  Whichever came first.

We’ve all seen that nowadays, good-looking people with little to no talent can parlay social media popularity into an actual career.  Axelle Despiegelaere was no exception.  L’Oreal scooped her up and signed her to a modeling contract.  A true success story through internet virility.  

Unfortunately for Axelle, blowing up on the internet can be a devastating double-edged sword.  You can be on point 99% of the time but if you slip-up at any second, show one small lapse in judgment, your success will come crashing down before you even get a chance to cash that first check.  Here’s the 17 year old’s Facebook post that was her undoing.

Screen shot 2014-07-11 at 3.31.24 PM


“Hunting is not a matter of life or death.  It’s much more important than that…this was about 1 year ago…ready to hunt americans today haha :)”

She posted this on the day of the USA vs. Belgium knockout round match.  To me, it’s a naive 17 year old girl trying to make some profound statement about hunting (that makes no sense) and an ill-advised joke about the upcoming World Cup match.  To L’Oreal, a company that has long been under fire for testing their products on animals, it’s a major red flag.  As hot as she is, they obviously had to cut ties before the inevitable shit-storm of negative press came rolling through.

I’m sure she’ll learn from this.  Or not, because she’s fine enough that she won’t need to.  An edgier, less-reputable company will hire her for sure.  They fucking better at least, because I’m not done looking at her.  I’d probably even let her hunt me as long as we set a time limit and if I survived, she’d become my wife….once she’s 18 of course.

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