9 Jul

Would you rather be underdressed or overdressed, everyday, for the rest of your life?

Legend –

Pretty easy one this week in my opinion.  I’m taking being underdressed for the rest of my life, no questions asked.  To me, underdressed equals comfort.  Nice pants, long socks, dress shoes, and dress shirts may be the look some people are going for.  To me, that screams sweating and labor.  My lower back could possibly be considered endangered wetlands.  If that area doesn’t have constant airflow and comforting temperatures, I could be dealing with a humiliating perspiration situation.  Fuck that.  Loose T-shirts for life.  Also, keeping shirts and pants ironed and my shoes clean everyday is just more annoying labor in my already labor-filled life.

“But wait, what about impressing chicks?!”

If you’re the kinda girl that is turned on by a man in a nice looking business suit, I don’t want you.  If $28,000 a year and an absolutely electric personality isn’t enough for you, it wasn’t meant to be.

Also, true moguls don’t get all dressed up like dorks.  They don’t have to prove themselves.  They let their results do the talking.

pearlman arrested
scross –
I feel like I’m always coming back to this in my posts but it’s just true.  Parker and Stone don’t lie.  Everyone knows it goes jobs, khakis, chicks.  What people don’t realize is if you play your cards right, you can skip over the job entirely and just start with the khakis.  Life is all about perception.  If you look rich as fuck, people will assume you are.  Dress to impress and the success will find you.  Not to mention I couldn’t imagine anything worse than being that guy at the wedding or funeral or job interview looking like absolute dog shit.  Everybody hates that guy. And nobody hates the guy that’s looking fresh as fuck, even on the off days.  I mean there’s always gonna be some haters.  Haters gon’ hate.  But you and I both know those haters are just the underdressed slobs and the hate is 100% rooted in jealousy.  Keep hatin’ you sloppy, underdressed, homeless-looking barbarians.  I’ll be too busy fucking the chicks you jerk-off to nightly in your cum-stained sweatpants to notice.

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