9 Jul

There’s something poetic about the underdog, an innocent and charming vulnerability that makes them our darling.  What they lack in size, speed and skill they make up for in hard work, determination and laser focus. They’re our heroes, we relate to them and that’s why the buzz out of Oregon is so special right now.

Portland resident Victor Stravinsky was clearing trees on his property Sunday when something unusual happened.

“I made my last pass through the trunk with my bow saw and she came down as I planned.  No sooner did she hit the ground did I hear it get back up.”

Apparently the tree, after seeing 4 conifers cut down, decided to make a stand.  Unwilling to go quietly, the tree resumed its prior position.  “The incident is uncommon but not unheard of,” a local dendrologist said.  A 2004 story in the NY Times claimed a Montauk man went into violent rage that included horrific acts of self-mutilation after witnessing a chestnut oak stand itself back up shortly after it was felled.


Many are calling this the most significant underdog story of all time.  The Seattle Gazette is calling it “better then the Jackie Robinson story.”  And USA Today stated “move over Jesus, this story is greater.”

The 104 year old sycamore tree could not be reached for comment but a tree close to him said:

“For about 15 seconds I had the view of the lake I’ve always wanted then the son of a bitch just got up.”

The power of the underdog has again gripped our nation, a nation created by underdogs.  Forget Buster Douglas.  Get fucked Rudy.  The sycamore from Portland is reigning supreme.


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