7 Jul

Pretty sure everyone and their mother has seen this at this point given the 2.4 million views in 2 days but I had to get my two cents in.


The amount of word fumbling and slip-ups that take place is unprecedented.

I might be mistaken, but I’m pretty sure their initial response to the question “is that yours?” was “no” followed quickly by “yeah, but we don’t know how to do it.”  Nice save.  Almost blew your cover there, ladies.

Also, gotta love that their thought process goes something like, “okay, looks like we’re not getting out of here with this canopy, but we’re the beach bandits. We never give up. Maybe there’s a chance that this other shit isn’t his,” as they both point hopefully at the chairs.  Nope.  Shutdown again.  This guy has them holding onto a cliff for dear life, harness in hand, fully capable of dragging them to safety, but chooses not to.  And he’s loving every second of it.  Just basking in their patheticness.  (Not a word but it should be)

When he drops “it’s okay, I’ll let it slide,” the orange-shirted tubby lady’s response is rather curious.   “No, I’m not making it slide, I’m telling you…”

Huh?  Come again?

Regarding being asked to get away from his shit, the aggressive lady comes up with, “You know what, I will, and then I’m gonna take that camera and put it in the grass. Are you gonna like that?”

Grass.  Sand.  What’s the difference really?

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