7 Jul

You probably wouldn’t believe that this man dropped one of the most feel good moments in public speaking history this year.

Scott Hall Horrible

Well, you better believe it.  This is Scott Hall, WWE and WCW legend.  Hall known by his moniker “the Bad Guy,” was an outstanding wrestler and fan favorite in WWE as Razor Ramon.  Ramon portrayed a Cuban-American “bad guy” from Miami.  He had it all.  The hair, the attitude, the swagger, and the badass toothpick that was tossed to some lucky fan in the audience.  Ramon was “over,” as we say in the wrestling business.  Meaning the fans couldn’t resist cheering for him and rooting him on.


Razor 2

After his dominant run in WWE, Hall jumped ship to WWE’s rival brand at that time, WCW.  Long story short, Hall and his partner Kevin Nash created one of the greatest factions of all time, the NWO.  You may actually still see people wearing NWO t-shirts in rural inbred southern towns.


Hall played a huge role in taking WCW from obscurity to the industry leader.  There were times when WCW almost put WWE out of business.  Hall was that good.



After his wildly successful and lucrative runs in WWE and WCW, Hall, as is common in the industry, had a downswing.  Wrestlers live a hard lifestyle.  They’re typically on the road 200 plus days a year.  Rampant abuse of painkillers, cocaine, and alcohol, coupled with the long stretches away from their families takes it’s toll on these performers.  Scott’s battle with his demons seemed to weigh more on him than other wrestlers.  His struggles were well-documented and publicized.

ESPN’s E:60 even did a piece.  Not necessary to watch, but it’s good if you’ve got the time.  Point is, Hall’s extreme struggles with painkillers and alcohol after his wrestling career led to a plethora of health problems and a deep depression.  He was a shell of his former, vibrant self.  Many, including yours truly, are shocked that we didn’t lose him during his time at rockbottom.



After years of flirting with death, Hall’s closest friends came to his aid.  He moved into a sober house in Atlanta with fellow wrestlers Jake Roberts and Dallas Page.  Roberts has a similar story to Hall’s after an incredibly successful wrestling career.  Page is the ring leader of the sober house and many have credited him with saving Hall’s life.  He is the creator of DDP Yoga, a yoga program mixed with conventional strength building exercises.  Here’s an HBO piece on Hall and Robert’s recovery while living in the sober house with Dallas Page.  Again, not necessary, but a good watch if you’ve got the time.

Scott made it through addiction.  His health has stabilized. He has his spirit back and he is seemingly enjoying life.  An almost inconceivable feat considering the shape he was in.

Fast forward to 2014.  Hall and Roberts are both being inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame.  WWE does the Hall of Fame inductions during Wrestlemania weekend, and it’s the Christmas morning for wrestling enthusiasts.  After a sweet video segment chronicling Hall’s career, he takes the stage and delivers his short but emotional speech and hits an absolute home run.  He comes out, looking 100 times better than expected.  Does the whole fucking speech with a toothpick in his mouth.  Then, with tears in his eyes, drops one of the greatest lines ever, perfectly summarizing his struggles and subsequent redemption.

Hard work pays off.

Dreams come true.

Bad times don’t last,

but bad guys do.


And the crowd goes bananas.  What an ending to a speech.  Are you fucking kidding me?  We are talking about a guy that was down AND out.  I would have loved to be with Scott when he came up with that killer line.  Gotta be pretty exciting when you come up with something that you know is absolute gold.  On my first watch, the water works started and I couldn’t help but feel thrilled that Scott took his life back into his own hands.

(watch the speech in its entirety)

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