29 Jun

CNN – Ralph and Marcella Bracamonte’s California home has become their personal hell.

They fired their live-in nanny this month, but the woman — Diane Stretton — has refused to move out, and the couple has little legal recourse to evict her.

Don’t know if you caught this news story going on over in California but I think it’s absolutely hilarious.  This couple with 3 kids hired this nanny.  diane-stretton-600First of all, are you fuckin’ kidding me?!  Nannies are supposed to be young, hot, and preferably foreign.  Needless to say, this “thing” you’re looking at above doesn’t quite fit that description.  This lady screams “I’m going to stop working, occupy your house, eat your food, sue you, steal your children, kill your pets, rape your entire family, and get away with it.”  Am I right??? Any human being with the slightest morsel of common sense would recognize this the first instant they laid eyes on her.

If you look at it from a realistic prospective, this “nanny,” if you can call her that, is actually living the true American Dream.  Work as little as possible, ideally not at all, and make ends meet by scamming and conning as much as humanly possible with absolutely no remorse.  She has it down to a science.  She’s even registered in California Courts’ Vexatious Litigant List which basically means she sues people all the time for no fucking reason. California, ladies and gentlemen.  Why even keep a list like that if you just let these people continue to fuck others over and do nothing about it??  No wonder California is in the shitter.  They just let disgusting old ladies live in people’s houses when said people don’t want them there at all.  Pretty sure that wouldn’t fly anywhere else but Cali.

But you know what I say?  More power to her.  Find those loopholes, Diane Stretton.  I can just picture her rolling out of bed at 2 pm having not showered for days, strolling into the kitchen, drinking straight from the milk carton, letting out a beastly belch, and sauntering back into her room.  That’s America.

The other thing that gets me about this is that the mother of this family, Marcella Bracamonte, doesn’t even work!  Why the fuck do you need a nanny when you’re a stay at home mom?? You’re not Kim Kardash, you’re not Beyonce, you are pretty sexy but still… from the looks of it in the video, you aren’t even rich.  I’m sorry, but that house looks pretty ghetto.  Man up (woman up?), raise your own fuckin’ 3 kids, or don’t have them in the first place.


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