9 Jun

No lie, I just stumbled across this because I heard Gentleman by PSY at a Korean restaurant tonight and wanted to show the video to my roommate cause he hadn’t seen it.  Had no clue PSY just dropped his new song 10 hours ago.  I had a hangover all day, randomly decide to eat Korean, then PSY drops a song called hangover.  I can’t make this shit up.

In terms of the song it’s obviously fire.  Could use less snoop more PSY but whatever, still fire.  Let’s be honest though, nobody is ever listening to this on their ipod.  It’s youtube or gtfo. And since it’s all about the video I was slightly disappointed with PSY’s lack of preposterous dance moves.  He sneaks a few in but that’s his bread and butter and we needed more. Has no chance of reaching Gangnam Style status without them.

Side note: snoop’s most popular youtube video is Drop It Like It’s Hot which has 44 million views in 4 years.  This video will have that many in the first week easy.  3.5 million views in 10 hours and America has been asleep for most of those.  No wonder they went with PSY feat. snoop and not the other way around even though snoop does 99% of the singing.  Also, in case you were wondering, Gangnam Style has over 2 billion views now.

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