8 Jun


British lightweight Ross Pearson suffered one of the worst judging decisions in the 21-year history of the UFC in New Mexico, last night, as he clearly defeated hometown hero Diego Sanchez. Already celebrating, the Brit’s night was turned to misery after two judges inexplicably scored against him.

Many MMA pundits, including myself , are calling Diego Sanchez’s split decision victory over Ross Pearson the worst judging in the history of the UFC.

For those of you who missed UFC Fight Night 42. Pearson dominated Sanchez in every aspect and took virtually no damage for 15 minutes. He undoubtedly won every round. Every website, and anyone who has all their marbles had Pearson winning all three rounds.

I feel awful for anyone who had money on Pearson. At the end of the fight, you knew you just won the money. People must have been lined up at the window waiting for judges to confirm the obvious. Then the judges just come out and stick a finger right in your terd snipper. What a sick takeaway.

This fight has me weary of betting on MMA in the future. I can’t in my right mind put a large wager on an MMA fight knowing some lummox of a judge has the power to fuck me over.

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