7 Jun

CNN – Shot twice. Tied up in a sack. Thrown into a canal.

Yet somehow, 18-year-old Saba Maqsood lived to tell her story. Had she not, Pakistani police say, it could very well have been another honor murder.

Those responsible for her horror, Maqsood told reporters Friday, are her father and brother. They shot her because they didn’t approve of her marriage to a neighbor, she said.

The first bullet hit her cheek, the next one her hand, after which the teenager says she “was slightly conscious, but alive.”

SabaMaqsoodSo absurd but I guess these honor murders are common in Pakistan.  869 instances last year alone and those are just the reported ones.  Hate to break it to the Maqsood fam here but I’m pretty sure any family honor went out the window when you all got together and tried to murder innocent young Saba.  Now the family name is all over international news, you’ve all had to abandon your homes, and you’re fleeing from authorities!  Honor times infinity.

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