6 Jun

Fox 5 Vegas – When it comes to excitement, North Las Vegas doesn’t have it, according to a newly released ranking. Las Vegas’ neighbor ranked No. 2 out of Movoto Real Estate blog‘s most boring cities list. The real estate blog determined the list through criteria that includes nightlife per capita, live music per capita, active life options per capita, arts and entertainment per capita, fast food eateries per capita, percentage of non-fast food restaurants, percentage of residents ages 18 to 34 years and population density.

I’ve lived here almost a year and this is pretty spot on.  Aside from the strip and downtown, there’s fucking nothing to do.  I’m SW Vegas but it’s basically the same thing as North Vegas except less homeless people and prostitutes so probably even more boring here actually. Major attractions in the area include the desert, the heat, and the abundance of fast food options.  There are one billion identical houses all crammed together full of people that don’t go outdoors. It’s the best. The only thing keeping me here now is the cheap golf and legal online poker.  The second cali legalizes it I’m there.  Although on second thought, North Vegas does have some really nice sidewalk campgrounds…

lasvegas tents

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