5 Jun

Huffington Post– The eCool In-Ground Cooler stores your drinks in the earth, using the naturally cooler temperatures below our feet to make your beverages ice cold. Here’s how it works: dig a hole in the ground — the company recommends using a garden drill, unless, as they say, you’re a real man who prefers a shovel — insert the eCool, add up to 24 cans (of beer, of course) and use the simple crank mechanism to feed cooled cans to the top and into your hands. Cold beer, no ice, pure genius.


For $350 this thing is pretty steep but sometimes you just gotta ball out to have shit other people don’t have.  Even better is when you have shit people haven’t even seen before.  This thing comes from Denmark so you know it’s exclusive.  And sustainable, so hot right now.  Would be pretty badass to have installed next to your grill or pool. Just crankin’ some brews up from mother earth while you bask in your domain. I need it.  I just want to know if this would work at the beach.  I mean, earth is earth right? If so, this is a must have for days posted up at the beach.  I need two.

Check their website here.

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