29 May

So this is at Marquee Dayclub at the Cosmopolitan.  I live in Vegas and I don’t go to these places because a place like this is full of 3 different types of people.  Ballers dropping 20k+, absolute dimepieces that latch onto said ballers dropping 20k+, and everybody else.  You’ve got the people that have robots deliver shit to them like it’s standard, and the people with their phones out, running around, pointing, tweeting and instagramming everything like they’re at some type of zoo where you get an up-close look at rich and beautiful people in their natural habitat.  I want to be part of the show, not a peasant paying admission to watch other’s party in a way that makes me wonder what it is I’ve been doing all these years.  In a perfect world we’d all have a go-to middle-eastern oil money friend to take us places like this and let us mingle with the drones without even considering paying a penny.

Also, are these things remote-controlled?  I doubt it but either way, seems like so much liability involved here.  This will end in drone-induced bloodshed, mark my words.

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