26 May

So I like golf.  A lot.  I follow it, play it, watch it, bet on it, so needless to say, I was excited when I read the headlines for this Bubba Watson mini-golf trick shot.  “Incredible,” “ridiculous,” they say.  “How did he even think of it?” they ask.

Um, am I watching the same video???  This dude’s a professional golfer and one of the best at that.  This putt doesn’t do anything impressive whatsoever.  Doesn’t jump, go through any tunnels, clown’s heads, doesn’t bounce off any walls, nothing.  I was expecting some Happy Gilmore shit but this is less than JV.  This is freshman team benchwarmer status at best. People act like he transcended the laws of physics, that a ball rolling on concrete is out of this world stuff.  Not to mention there’s a 0% chance he did this on the first try. Pathetic.  Give me 10 tries max and it’s drain-o, no questions asked.  Really all we have here is a group of grown-ass men in their 30s playing mini-golf at Disney at night.  Word on the street is after they posted this video they rode their Razor scooters to the 7-Eleven and bought a shitload of candy.  Snagged some videogames and R-rated movies at the Redbox on the way out and headed back to Bubba’s house because his wife let’s them stay up all night as long as they keep it quiet and stay in the basement.

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